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Construction Accidents

After being injured on the construction site, you need a construction accident lawyer that can help you answer all of the questions swirling around in your head.  Who was actually responsible for your accident?  Was your accident caused by an OSHA violation?  Are you eligible for compensation above and beyond worker’s compensation?  Lindstadt Law can help answer these questions for you and help you get compensation while you heal so you can get back on the job site.


Construction accidents come in all shapes and sizes.  Some construction accidents include:


• Crane accidents

• Collapsed scaffolding injury

• Defective ladders

• Electrocution

• Back hoe accidents

• Forklift injury accidents

• Explosions

• Fatalities

• OSHA violations


You may be entitled to compensation above and beyond what you receive from worker’s compensation.  If a sub-contractor caused your accident, you may be able to receive compensation from that sub-contractor.  All contractors must adhere to OSHA regulations and safety guidelines.  If they do not adhere to these standards, a sub-contractor or third party can be held financially liable for your injuries.


A contractor can also be sued for damages above and beyond what worker’s compensation covers in the event that the operation was in violation of OSHA.  In the event of a work-related death, you may also be entitled to further compensation to provide for your family.  You may be eligible for compensation to cover regular bills, education for your children and money to cover everyday needs after a fatal work accident.


A Lindstat Law construction accident attorney will work with you to make sure your family has the compensation it needs to recover after an accident on the construction site.  It’s important that you contact an attorney before you deal with the contractor or sub-contractor on your own.  Lindstadt Law will make sure your job and livelihood are protected.


If you’ve been injured on the construction site due to someone else’s negligence, call us at (844) LIND-LAW for a free consultation or to schedule an appointment at one of our five locations.

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