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Insurance Litigation

At Lindstadt Law, we assist clients with a wide range of legal concerns, including insurance litigation and bad faith insurance claims. We assist individuals and families throughout New York, and our goal is to help you obtain the coverage payments you deserve after a covered loss from an accident or natural disaster.


Insurance claim disputes are very common. After an accident you and your insurer may have a disagreement on medical bills, repairs and how much everything will cost and if all of your claim is covered.  Under New York law, your insurance company has a duty to pay your claim if you have submitted sufficient proof of your loss. Sometimes claims can be denied because it is in the best financial interest for the insurance company. Other times the insurance company could be acting in bad faith and refusing to pay your claim for unjustified reasons.


They may also deny your claim by saying you misunderstood your policy and your damages are not covered. Most often, companies will deny claims because they believe that most policyholders will not hire legal representative to challenge their claim denial.


Get Help


So if your insurance claim has been wrongfully denied or your insurer wants to pay you less than what you deserve, contact legal representation as soon as possible. Insurance claim disputes are very complex. You need a knowledgeable experienced attorney by your side to get you the justice you deserve.


At Lindstadt Law we’re not afraid to fight these insurance companies. Studies show that victims who hire legal representation after an accident receive higher compensation. A Lindstadt Law attorney can review the documentation that your insurance company provides and ensure that you don’t sign away important rights that could damage your chances of recovery. 


There are two general types of insurance litigation claims:

  • First-party claims — suing your own insurance company after a hurricane, fire or other covered natural disaster, or for Uninsured/Underinsured motorist claims

  • Third-party claims — when you sue the insurance company of the party that injured you, such as for automobile accidents or premises liability claims


Lindstadt Law has the skill and experience to handle all manner of first- and third-party insurance litigation. Additionally, we are prepared to handle even the most complex bad faith insurance claims.


If you beleive you have been wronged by an insurance company, coverage or policy, call us at (844) LIND-LAW for a free consultation or to schedule an appointment at one of our five locations.

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