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Mission Statement

To provide superior legal representation and counsel to injury victims and their families that secures proper economic recovery, and restores and improves their lives as a whole.

Core Values






  • Free Initial Consultation.

  • Legal Representation by an Experienced Trial Lawyer.

  • Legal Counsel and Assistance regarding Bodily Injury, Medical Bills, Loss of Earnings, Loss of Services, and Other Related Damages.

  • Office Locations in Bronx, Manhattan, Queens, White Plains and Long Island.

  • Home, Hospital or Medical Facility Consultations.

  • Se Habla Espanol.

  • 24/7 Availability.

Know Who's Handling Your Matter

Cases accepted by Lindstadt Law are handled by Michael A. Lindstadt from inception to conclusion, so your matter won’t get lost amongst hundreds of other files and attorneys like other firms. Michael Lindstadt stands apart from the rest simply through his own traits and values that he brought into the profession:


  • He’s honest and forthright, whether it’s a potential client, existing client or jury.

  • He provides counsel that is clear, understandable, and thorough, without legal jargon, and in the best interest of the client.

  • He appreciates time as valuable and of the essence, and regards timely resolution of all matters as a priority.

  • He’s attentive to his clients; he ensures that all messages are returned and is responsive to the the clients’ questions and concerns.

  • He understands that clients want and deserve his personal attention, and doesn’t hide behind his staff.

  • He believes it’s his job to do his best to relieve his clients of the stress and worry that comes with being involved in a legal matter.

  • He’s hard-working from the start to the finish of the case.

  • He values doing what is right above all else, and last but not least,

  • He cares - not only as to the outcome of the case, but as to the client’s life as a whole. He has care and empathy for the client that one would want for their own family.

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