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Standing Apart From the Rest

What We Do


“Protecting the Injured and their Families!”


Michael A. Lindstadt is the trial attorney behind Lindstadt Law PLLC. The firm represents, counsels and obtains economic recovery for injury victims and their families. Lindstadt Law handles all types of personal injury matters, including motor vehicle accidents, medical malpractice, falls and premises liability, workplace injuries and construction law.



Why We Do It


“Standing Up for the Injured!”


Like many of us Michael Lindstadt himself endured several heartbreaking experiences wherein family members were caused to suffer serious injuries. One such instance was the passing of his grandfather, who received a lack of medical attention from a doctor nurses nicknamed, “The Midnight Marauder”, as he purposely visited patients late at night to avoid questions from concerned family members. Life experiences such as these created passions in Michael for justice, finding the truth, and protecting the injured. These values, along with hard-fought legal experience, are what drive Michael and make him both persuasive and successful.



“Lindstadt Law Levels the Playing Field!”


Following a disabling and weakening injury, victims and their families are immediately faced with multiple unexpected problems and issues, including their health, expenses, and current and future income. At the same time insurance companies and their lawyers use various tactics to avoid liability and save as much money as possible, regardless of the defendant's fault or damage they cause to others. Michael Lindstadt levels the playing field with both his experience in various areas of personal injury, and the traits and values he brought into the profession - honesty, loyalty, hard work and care.

How We Do It


“Only through trial experience will an attorney truly understand the value of an injury, loss or limitation, as well as the risks and benefits involved in commencing or avoiding a lawsuit.”


Michael A. Lindstadt is a trial lawyer, who’s experienced in arguing a matter from inception to verdict, and has excelled throughout his career. Only through trial experience will an attoney truly understand the value of a specific injury, loss or limitations, as well as the risks and benefits involved in commencing or avoiding a lawsuit. In addition any experienced trial lawyer knows that the best leverage towards securing a favorable result, whether through settlement or trial, is the readiness and ability to try the case. While many firms get caught up in years of fighting, there are times when good counsel leads its clients towards settlement to sooner move on with and enjoy their lives. Whether it’s early settlement or trial, Lindstadt Law stands apart in determining and pursuing the best course of action and results for the client and their family.



“Lindstadt Law is the One Constant!”


Michael is experienced in representing both sides of litigation - plaintiffs and defendants, patients and physicians, workers and companies, residents and cities, individuals and insurance companies. He is also experienced in various areas of personal injury, including medical malpractice, premises liability, auto collisions and construction law. As such regardless of the area or venue, Lindstadt Law is the One Constant!



“Our Specialty is the Client, not the Practice Area!”


Most importantly Lindstadt Law represents you - everyday people and families - not the trucking company, department store, hospital or city, which levels the playing field against adversaries that use various resources and tactics to avoid liability. Through personal experiences with his own family members’ accidents and injuries, Michael truly appreciates the unique situations that different people face, and require attention, hard work, counseling and care. Cases accepted by Lindstadt Law are handled by Michael from inception to conclusion, so your matter won’t get lost amongst hundreds of other files and attorneys like other firms. Lindstadt Law works not just for immediate results, but to make one and their family’s entire life better. That is why, Our Specialty is the Client, Not the Practice Area!

Why We're Different


“The most disheartening part of my job is assigning a monetary value to my client’s pain and suffering. I’m not going to advertise it as a measure of my success or as if I had won the lottery for someone.”


Many firms advertise multi-figure verdicts to show their past success. However many of these cases speak for themselves and alone are not an accurate measure of an attorney’s skill. The lives of these individuals will never again be the same and no monetary amount will ever replace what they’ve lost - the loss of a limb, the loss of a loved one. These cases warrant such recovery due to the severity of the pain and suffering that the client has and will endure for the rest of their life.



“We don’t push off clients whose problems do not fit perfectly within our practice.”


There are many more difficult cases, wherein the insurance company refuses to settle the matter, regardless of its merit, and gives the client no alternative but to go forward with trial. Instances when the other side minimizes the value of client’s injury, claims that the client’s injuries existed before the accident, or that the client is responsible for their own injuries. These case take more skill as an attorney and more care as a person to be successful. This is where Lindstadt Law stands apart from the rest.



“Concerned About Your Case, So You’re Not.”


All too often clients don’t hear from their lawyers again after their case was initially signed up. Lawyers such as these fail to fully appreciate a client's matter, fail to provide the client with personal attention and counseling, fail to relieve the client of stress and worry, and fail to just even return a phone call. Through personal experiences with his own family members’ accidents and injuries, Michael truly appreciates the unique situations that different people face, and require attention, hard work, counseling and care. Michael takes pride in counseling his clients as to their unique situations, exploring the pros and cons of the issues at hand, and developing a plan of action - many times not only to the case, but to their lives and families as a whole. With Lindstadt Law, you Know Who's Handling Your Matter.

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