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Michael A. Lindstadt is the trial attorney behind Lindstadt Law PLLC. The firm represents, counsels and obtains economic recovery for injury victims and their families. Lindstadt Law handles all types of personal injury matters, including motor vehicle accidents, medical malpractice, falls and premises liability, workplace injuries and construction law. Lindstadt Law levels the playing field for injury victims and their families, who are disadvantaged against insurance companies and their lawyers. Insurance companies and their lawyers use various tactics and resources to avoid liability and save as much money as possible, regardless of their fault or the damage they cause to others. As a trial lawyer who once represented companies, hospitals, and municipalities, Michael A. Lindstadt levels the playing field with both experience and the traits and values he brought into the profession - honesty, loyalty, hard work and care. Through personal experiences with his own family members’ accidents and injuries, Michael truly appreciates the unique situations that different people face, and require attention, hard work, counseling and care. Michael takes pride in counseling his clients as to their unique situations, exploring the pros and cons of the issues at hand, and developing a plan of action, many times not only to the case, but to their lives and families as a whole. Whether it’s early settlement or trial, Lindstadt Law stands apart in determining and pursuing the best course of action and results for the client and their family. Cases accepted by Lindstadt Law are handled by Michael Lindstadt from inception to conclusion, so your matter won’t get lost amongst hundreds of other files and attorneys like other firms. Lindstadt Law works not just for immediate results, but to make one and their family’s entire life better. That is why our specialty is not the practice area, but the Client!

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