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Gloricel Lindstadt

Office Administrator

Gloricel Cabrera Lindstadt was born in San Francisco De Marcoris, Dominican Republic.  With hopes of greater opportunity, upon graduating high school, Gloricel and her mother moved to New York City.  While only speaking Spanish, to help provide for her and her mother, Gloricel secured a position as a housekeeper at an upscale New York City hotel.  Refusing to settle with a high school degree, Gloricel enrolled in night classes to study English and eventually was accepted to college at the New York Institute of Technology.  Overtime, while attending college in the day and working at night, Gloricel transferred from the hotel’s housekeeping department to various other departments, such as the front desk, night auditing, payroll, and human resources.  Gloricel ultimately earned her bachelor’s degree in business and upon being with the hotel chain for over 15 years, was chosen as the Director of Human Resources for it’s largest hotel in North America.


Gloricel brings to the firm vast experience and understanding in the areas of health insurance benefits, lost wages, disabilities benefits, and health information compliance. Gloricel is directly involved in nearly all aspects of the firm and it’s matters.  She assists in the management of all new and existing injury matters, including but not limited to client health insurance, disabilities benefits, individual and corporate entity background checks.  In addition Gloricel handles and coordinates firm advertising and marketing, network relations, and is the clientele and vendor liaison. She also handles firm schedules and manages the office and staff.

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